Bank Details

A small introduction on how the “Tourism Council of Bhutan” monitors all the flow of payment in and out of Bhutan, regarding tourism industries, with the help of Bhutan National Bank. And also, there will be a brief information on Payment Gateway as well.

As it’s a strick policy to all the tour operators that, no tour operators should have their own bank account in other countries, rather they should all go throught the overseas banks, which had maintained account of Bhutan National Bank, and receive the payment on behalf of Yu-Druk Tours & Treks.

Before, the payment was all made through wire transfer, making it a long and a bit complicated procedures, but now thanks to Bhutan National Bank’s payment gateway, all tourists who wish to pay the money can be done through Visa, MasterCard, American ExB, Diner’s Club, Amex Express Checkout and Masterpass by MasterCard.

It is a secure payment powered by Stripe, customer’s payment information is never at risk, and also accept foreign payment from over 135 currencies.

This payment gateway made ours as well as the client’s work load a lot easier and fast.

The payment gateway is an itegrated technology suite that offers a trusted web based platform to facilitate convenient, secure and faster payments, exclusively for Tour Operators in Bhutan.

Lastly, before booking a tour, a full payment should be made by the client first inorder to approve your visa by Tourism Council of Bhutan. After you have finalized with the tour, we will then proceed with the invoice and send you a link. Once you receive the link, press the link and it will show the invoice and the payment breakdown. Go through once and make the payment with either of the cards which we had already mentioned above.


If you wish to pay the payment through wire transfer, here is the overseas bank detail;


Bank address:     Standard Chartered Bank Ltd, One Madison Avenue, New York


Swift Code:         SCBLUS33

CHIPS ABA:       0256

FED ABA:           026002561

Beneficiary Bank

Account No With SCB: 358-202-171-9001(USD AC) Beneficiary Bank

Bhutan National Bank, P.O.Box:439

GPO Building, Changlam, Thimphu Bhutan

Swift Code: BNBTBTBT

Ultimate Beneficiary: Yu Druk tours & Treks

Ultimate Benf A/C nr.: 641394001 maintained with BNB,Thimphu Bhutan


Bank address:     Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.

Tokyo, 30 -16, Ogikubo 4 – Chome,

Suginami – ku

Tokyo 167 – 8530 Japan

Swift Code                  : SCBLJPJT

Beneficiary Bank         ; Bhutan National Bank, P.O.Box 439,

GPO Building, Chang Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Beneficiary Bank

Account number;          2342855 – 1110 (YEN A/C)

Swift code;                   BNBTBTBT

Ultimate Beneficiary; Yu Druk Tours & Treks

Ultimate Benf a/c. nr.; 641394001 maintained with BNB, Thimphu Bhutan


Bank Address:             STANDARD CHARTERED BANK

(Correspondent bank)      37 Gracechurch Street,

London EC3V OBX

Sort code                     : 60-91-04

Swift code                   : SCBLGB2L

Beneficiery bank        : Bhutan National Bank, 439, GPO Building, Chang Lam, Thimphu Bhutan

Swift code                   : BNBTBTBTAccount No: 01706885901 (GBP A/C)

IBAN No                    : GB 21-SCBL-6091-0417-0688 59

Beneficiery in Bhutan: Yu-Druk Tours & Treks
Account No.               : 641394001


Bank address            : Standard Chartered Bank, 6 Battery Road, Singapore 049909.

Swift Code                 : SCBL SG SG

Account No                : 01-7-005970- 7 (USD A/C )

Beneficiary Bank       : Bhutan National Bank, P.O 439,Thimphu, Bhutan

Swift code                 : BNBTBTBT

Ultimate Beneficiary  : Yu Druk tours & Treks,

Account #                 : 641394001 (Maintained with BNB, Thimphu, Bhutan)


Bank address             ; Standard Chartered Bank (Germany) Gmbh

Franklinstrasse  46-48

60486 Frankfurt am Main


Swift code                   ; SCBLDEFXXX

Beneficiary bank

Account #                   ; 18155200  (EURO A/C)

IBAN #                        ; DE 05512305000018155200

Beneficiary bank          ; Bhutan National Bank, PO box 439, GPO Building, Chang Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Swift code #                ; BNBTBTBT

Ultimate beneficiary     ; Yu Druk Tours & Treks

Account   #                 : 641394001 maintained with Bhutan National Bank Thimphu.

After depositing the funds, please send us the details of the payment receipt.